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    using two datafiltersliders

    Thiagu Mariappan Novice

      hi everyone,

      I) i want to use two datafilterslider's in my project. but if i do so. one of them were not responding.

       <rich:dataFilterSlider id="rating"../>
       <rich:dataFilterSlider id="number"../>

      Here the table is reponding for only one slide value. what i have to change to make it work for all the sliders.
      This is the syntax i have used. is it ok.
      what i have to do for that

      II) And in this case if i slide any one of the slider only one manualinput text box is responding and changing.
      Ex: even i change number slider (which has values 1 to 100) the rating text box value only changing.

      III) i have one more issue if i select the max number from slider it displays only less than max.
      Ex: i have rating slider which has values 1 to 10. if i select 10, it displays only the records which has rating 1 tto 9 only. i want to display 10 also.
      For that, what i have to do..

      IV) and is it possible to use two sliders one is for minimum value and another one for maximum value..
      Ex: To display records which has ratings 5 to 9.

      Thank you.