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    Howto retrieve DataSource inside of WrapperDataSource

    Alexander Schulz Newbie


      I have configured a datasource for oracle connections. The datasource object that i retrieve from the JNDI-Context is of typ WrapperDataSource.

      I need the datasource as parameter for Oracle AQ AQjmsFactory.getTopicConnectionFactory(someds).

      Now I get "JMS-112: Connection is invalid" from Oracle AQ. I think the problem is that getConnection() on a WrapperDataSource doesn't result in an OracleConnection but in some JBoss connection wrapper which does not implement Oracle specific extensions.

      I found a way to retrieve the underlying connection from a WrapperDataSource myself but I can't pass it as parameter for Oracle AQ.

      So I would like to retrieve the Oracle datasource from the WrapperDataSource but I can't figure out how to do that.

      Please can somebody help me.

      Thanks in advance