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    Messaging Server

    Hiren Dedhia Newbie

      Kindly let me know what is the free ware in JBOSS as compared to MQSERIES.

      I want freeware middleware which will connect to AS400 and JBOSS on windows/unix and incorporate functionality like MQSERIES.

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          Weston M. Price Master

          I am not sure what you are really asking. As far as messaging is concerned, JBoss provides two JMS providers

          1) JBossMQ
          This is our legacy JMS provider installed by default with JBoss 3.x and 4.x.

          2)JBoss Messaging
          This is a drop in replacement for JBossMQ and provides many improvements in the areas of speed, performance, clustering etc. This will be the default messaging option in JBoss5 and can be installed in most JBoss 4.x installations.

          As far as connection to the AS400 from JBoss you will want to take a look at the AS400 Toolbox. There are two versions of the toolbox. One is comercial, the other is an open source implementation. Both share the same code base so there is very little difference between the two. The toolbox allows you to use JDBC to connect t DB2 instances on the AS400.

          MQSeries is, for the most part, a JMS provider (though with a large set of client side bindings other than Java). The JMS API provides a common abstraction and the JBoss JMS/JCA adapter allows you to connect to any compliant JMS provider that conforms to this API.

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            Hiren Dedhia Newbie

            We found that there is a toolbox in AS400. I want to know is there any kind of toolbox in Z9.

            And if it is there, then how JBOSSMQ will communicate to this?