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    Stale Connection Support

    Subramaniam Venkatachalam Newbie


      I am using JBoss-4.0.3-SP1. I am using oracle thin driver to connect to my oracle database. My oracle database is running on a cluster enviroment and therefore when there is a ip failover the oracle also switches nodes.

      When connecting to the oracle database i am using the Cluster IP address and there is a listerner which connects to the oracle on the node which is active.

      But during this when there is node switch then the tcp connections are broken.

      When i am trying get a database connection using my datasource i am always getting an error that the oracle is not responding but actually it has switched nodes.

      I would like to know whether the concept of stale connection is supported in JBoss-4.0.3-sp1 if so what should i being doing to use that functionality.

      Any help is very welcome.

      Thanks in advance
      Subramaniam V