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    ra.xml for remote SonicMQ-Broker?

    fhh Expert

      I need to talk to a JMS queue on a remote server. I thought that JCA would be the prefered way of connecting to the remote broker.

      If I understand the docs correctly I need three things:

      1.) The jca implementation from Sonic.

      2.) A deployment descriptor to configure the jca adapter call ra.xml.

      3.) a *-ds.xml file to bin the adapter to JNDI.

      I have 1.) and creating 3.) from the examples shouldn't be too difficult. However, the second point is a major problem. As far as I know the ra.xml is vendor specific but Sonic doesn't have an example on their web site.

      Has anybody successfully connected to a remote (or local) Sonic queue? If so could you point me in the right direction about what to put in the ra.xml?