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    Creating a WrapperDataSource

    Ezequiel Garcia Newbie


      I use a C3P0 Connection Pool, but, i have many problems, because my connections pools need to be created dinamically.

      I do test with connection pool of JBoss and my problems disappear.

      The question, is that i need create a pool, in other words, instantiate a DataSource and bind to JNDI, dinamically, and i would like that this connection pool (DataSource) was the JBoss pool.

      I can't create a -ds.xml file, because my information to connection don't exist in startup time of JBoss.

      I tried instantiate a WrapperDataSource, but, this class need for two parameters: "final BaseWrapperManagedConnectionFactory mcf, final ConnectionManager cm", and i don't known how do i do.

      Somebody help me?