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    How to create a UDP server?

    Bogus Exception Newbie

      Is it possible to use JBoss to deploy an app/bean that would listen on, say, port 515 UDP for syslog traffic?

      I saw one post talk about doing it with a servlet, but all I can find are examples for web pages. Is this because there can only be one daemon listening on a single port, or is it just that I haven't looked in the right place(s)?

      Are we talking about a process outside the app server, running as a J2SE app that then needs JCA to get it's data into, say, a stateless bean?

      JBoss seems to be OK at providing web services and web pages from/for apps in the container, but I can't seem to locate even the ,ost basic example of how to create a UDP server that is managed by JBoss.

      Thanks very much in advance!