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    Connection Pooling  How To ?

    Jasdeep Newbie

      Hi All ,

      i am developing a struts based web-application with JBoss 4.0.5 as Application Server and Oracle 10g Express edition .
      I am configuring my application for connection pooling .
      I have tried following methods :
      1. Oracle Connection Pooling following thius link http://www.lc.leidenuniv.nl/awcourse/oracle/java.920/a96654/connpoca.htm
      2. Configuring Jboss's Internal Container Level Connection pooling simply creating the datasources
      3. JDBC level Connection Pooling

      but unluckily did not succeed in any of these method .
      The application works OK with Second method but When it is being hit with 200 request/second The pool gets exhaulsted .

      i am unable to decide which approach i should be using as my application can receive large no. of requests around 1000/sec ?

      Please help me out ,

      Tell some useful link if possible ..

      Regards Jasdeep