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    Configuration of JCA Inflow Resource Adapter

    gareth evans Newbie

      I'm using jboss4.0.5.GA to connect to a legacy system via tcp. To do this I'm using a JCA inflow resource connected to an MDB. This is currently working as expected. My question how can I configure this in a maintainable way?

      Currently the configuration sits within the ejb-jar.xml and jboss.xml files that are built into my ear file. An extract of my ejb-jar file is shown below:


      Depending on customer requirements, I will need to change the port numbers etc, and even deploy more that one of these per install. Currently the only way i can find to do this is to change the jboss.xml and the ejb-jar.xml file.

      Is there any way of configuring these outside of an ear file?

      Can I configure this within a -ds.xml file even though I'm only using an inflow resource adapter?

      Could I deploy these using a -service.xml file?