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    How-To specify JDBC queryTimeout

    Marcus Klein Newbie


      I tried to find a way to specify the JDBC query-timeout in Jboss configuration files for Jboss Version 3.0.4, but couldn't determine how to do it.

      For Jboss Version 4.0.3 its possible to use <query-timeout>60</query-timeout> within oracle-ds.xml, but unfortunately I need it for Jboss Version 3.0.4. Maybe there is another way to specify it, e.g. by a system property, but I couldn't find one.

      The only workaround I see so far, is to explicitly call Statement.setQueryTimeout(timeout) before a query will be executed, but there are hundreds of places where statements are used, so a configuration solution would be prefered.

      Thank you very much for your help.