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    mysql v5 connector JTA TX datasource config for AS4.2?

    William Woodman Master

      struggling to figure out what the config for mysql as transctional DS looks like.

      The example in the wiki and in the C:\jboss\jboss-4.2.0.GA\docs\examples\jca directory in the 4.2 install only refer to local-tx-datasource.

      the mysql connector v5.0 says in its documentation that it supports the Datasource capability and can be part of an XA global transaction.

      However the mysql docs don't say how to set one up for JBOSS AS and its not in the JBOSS examples /wiki.

      Does anyone know the correct format for a mysql JTA configuration to load in the App server so i can use mysql as a JTA datasource?

      help on clearing setting this up would be most appreciated