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    Lookup datasource from another Resource Archive (RAR) applic

    Lecan Newbie


      I have an application package into a RAR.
      I'm trying to lookup a local datasource, by I can't : objet not bound.

      It succeeds if I configure the datasource with <use-java-context>false</use-java-context> to enable remote access altough my rar application and datasource are deployed together in the same JBoss.

      Why ? Does RAR application considered as remote one ?



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          Peter Johnson Master

          The use-java-context property is used to determine if the data source is looked up via "java:xxx" or simply "xxx". Remote applications can look up this only via "xxx". EAR and WAR app can look up things via "java:xxx". I'm not sure if RAR can look things up in "java:xxx".

          If that does not help, please post your data source lookup code. And post the full error message - copy and paste it (I assume that "objet" is misspelled, which does not help in solving the problem).