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    Quartz JCA

    superDev superDev Newbie

      In my current project, I will use quartz together with EJB 3.0. In the project, I will get the scheduler handler, then add or remove trigger in the business logic. As far as I see, there are several ways: 1. Initialize quartz in web configure web.xml 2. Use MBean service provided in quartz package on JBoss server. 3. Jboss quartz JCA Message-Inflow resource adapter.

      I've tested the first two options, and they works. But I do not know whether option 3 is possible to get the handler of quartz scheduler, as in the docs says :"Jobs are created from deployed MDBs from information in the MDB's activation config spec."

      My question is except annotations and configuration files, can I also get scheduler instance of quartz with the help of Jboss quartz JCA Message-Inflow resource adapter?

      Thanks a lot in advance.