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    dropdownmenu : regression in 3.1.0RC4

    Christian N. Newbie


      I was using the <rich:dropDownMenu> in 3.0.1 version like the following :

       <rich:dropDownMenu id="NewWorkcaseDropDownMenuItem"
       rendered="#{menu.canStartNewWorkcase && (menu.processNamesSize > 1)}">
       <rich:menuItem value="W4Test"
       onclick="if (!confirm('#{messages['pgNewWorkcase.confirm']}')) return false">
       <f:param name="ProcedureName" value="W4Test" />

      Since I have installed the 3.1.0RC4, the menuItem's "onclick" property does not work as well as the use of <f:param>, the method "newWorkcase" can not retrieve the value of the parameter "ProcedureName".
      Can somebody help me :( ?
      Thanks. Christian.