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    connectionMap.remove in WrapperDatasourceService never calle

    Ludwig Adam Newbie

      Hi all,

      We are using JBoss AS 4.2.2 (applies for 4.2.3 as well) in our production environment and stumbled upon what we find a memory leak concerning WrapperDataSourceService.
      Our heap space in the backend JBoss, who is providing data sources remotely to the client applications, is constantly growing.
      After browsing through the heap dump we found a constant growing # of wrapped Connections referenced in the the WrapperDataSourceService.connectionMap.

      After looking in the source we found that the connections requested are put into the connectionMap table once a connection-proxy is created, however these connections are never removed, thus never gc'ed.

      Before I file a issue in the jira / provide a patch I wanted to post this here for any feedback because I am not sure if I fully understand the functionalities involved here.

      Is this really an issue or did we miss something?
      In former versions the connection has been removed from the connectionMap during the doConnecionMethod (methodname="close"), however this seems to be be removed now.
      Any reason why this is so?

      Best regards,