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    PanelBar: Richfaces is not defined in 3.1.0.RC4

    Chris Lowe Apprentice

      Since upgrading to Richfaces 3.1.0-rc4 from 3.0.2 snapshot, I get the following Javascript error in FireFox (Firebug), and also in IE:

      Richfaces is not defined
      if(!window.Richfaces)window.RichFaces={};Richfaces.setImages=function(element,images){element=$(element);if(!element)return;for(imageSrc in images){if(typeof imageSrc!='function'){element[imageSrc]=new Image();element[imageSrc].src=images[imageSrc];}}}

      After a bit of digging around, I notice that I got it when I have a PanelBar and a panelBarItem, as follows:

      <rich:panelBar selectedPanel="#{adminHelper.selectedMenu}" height="250" width="200">
       <rich:panelBarItem id="auditing" label="Auditing" >
       Choose a task:
       <ul class="admintask">
       <li><h:commandLink action="audit-view" value="View audit log" /></li>

      Has anything else changed in the RichFaces configuration that I should be aware of?

      If I ignore the error, then the application appears to function okay.