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    mysql datasource with read-only and write nodes

    Brett Cave Newbie


      I am almost sure i came across some documentation a while ago on how to configure a mysql datasource to specify readonly and write nodes. I found this thread in the forums:
      but no real resolution on it.

      Is this possible? e.g
      1 datasource, with 2 mysql servers defined, and 1 configured as readonly server, while all writes are directed to the other.

      also, with regards to the post listed above, what is CMP referring to (excuse my ignorance)

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          Peter Johnson Master

          This would require that you be able to set two connection URLs for a single datasource, and mark one to be used for reads and the other for updates. Such a thing is not possible at this time. The only option is to define two different data sources, configuring one to open the database in read-only mode if the database supports such a thing, and have your code select the data source it wants based on its needs.

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            Brett Cave Newbie

            Ok, thanks

            The datasources are used for persistence, so the workaround that I did was similar to the post i mentioned.

            1 - mysql: grant select only on RO nodes, and insert / update / etc on RW nodes
            2 - create 2 datasources, to ro and rw nodes
            3 - create 2 persistence units, each one using a different datasource
            4 - set persistencecontext / unit in the bean. implement all database writes in a different bean, using the rw persistence unit.