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    Deployment of a RAR in an EAR with an EJB-JAR

    Mark McConnaughay Newbie


      I have an ear deployment as such:


      I am having a problem deploying a RAR and and EJB-JAR in an EAR deployment. From above, if I deploy the RAR and EJB-JAR seperately, no problems ... the EJB-JAR is a message endpoint for the RAR, so I know this is set up properly. The problem is when all in an EAR, I get the following error when looking at JBoss logs:

      (Caused by: javax.management.InstanceNotFoundException: jboss.jca:service=RARDeployment,name='x.rar' is not registered.)

      Following the stack trace, it looks like the RAR is being deployed first, then the EJB-JAR is trying to be deployed. The funny or odd thing is that after that error is shown in the logs, I get a 'start' call on my Resource Adapter in the RAR. I think I read from the JCA 1.5 spec that a RAR isn't considered 'deployed' until 'start' is successfully returned? So, my question is how do I make the EJB-JAR 'completely' dependent on the deployed RAR?

      Here's my applicaiton.xml: