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    Connect JBOSS with SAP (JCo)

    Jannis Wienert Newbie

      Hi Folks,

      we will migrate from tomcat to jboss.
      In our old environment there is a class that implements a JCo Client that was referenrenced in context.xml (e.g. <ressource-name>jco/) on tomcat. In the lib folder there is also the sapjco.jar.

      Now i was wondering how to put this over to Jboss.
      I copied sapjco.jar and the Client Implementation jar to the lib folder.
      Then i tried with the examples sapr3-ds.xml but didn't came to a solution. I also wasn't able to reference our JCo Client implementation.

      Can you give me some hints or clearify how to deploy a connection to sap? Do i need the JCo Client anymore? Is this connection transparent to the applications using JCo? Can i give a custom JNDI Name in my Ressource Adaptor (all examples show somthing like eis/)
      Is it a Datasource or a Connetion Factory what i want to configure?

      All comments are appreciated because after trying some things i'am completly puzzled......