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    Seam Bug  Seam Bug  Seam Bug !!!

    tan wei Newbie

      I with of edition is Seam beat 2.0 ,server Jboss 4.2

      public class Fna_zhSearchingAction implements Fna_zhSearching{ @DataModelSelection
      @In(required = false)
      @Out(required = false)
      private Fna_zh fna_zh;

      private List<Fna_zh> fna_zhs;

      public void findFna_zhs() {
      fna_zhs = em.createQuery(
      "select distinct h from Fna_zh h" + " inner join fetch h.ca_zh" +
      " where h.user.id =:userid and h.scrq = null " +
      " order by h.id desc")
      .setParameter("userid", user.getId())
      Question is?seam manage of scope should is CONVERSATION. In the other one Action between?
      Use @In Fna_zh fna_zh ,Why take off of the none but first bar fna_zh register.
      fetch absent oneself from secondly bar fna_zh register?