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    Fungal RADeployer not handling empty ra.xml property values

    Ross Duncan Newbie

      Hi guys,

      I was just having a play with the 1.0.0-ALPHA release of the JCA container. Im particularly interested in running an embedded container inside a Java application, so was having a go at getting this up and running.

      All went well, until I tried to deploy (for example) a jms-rar.rar that I had plundered from a jboss 4 app server. After resolving all the missing jars, it eventually failed when the fungal RADeployer was calling the Injection.inject method for each of the config-properties in the resource adapter's ra.xml.

      As it turned out, this ra.xml had empty values for such fileds as UserName, Password, ClientID. Fungal's Injection.inject method really didnt like the empty values coming through, tho I would have thought these were entirely valid for ra.xml? Hacking the ra.xml to provide some non empty values got me past the issue, but clearly this is not ideal.

      Is this a bug?

      Otherwise this project looks really cool. Will definitley be investigating it further.


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          Jesper Pedersen Master

          Thank you for the report !

          It was actually JBJCA-204, JBJCA-205 and JBJCA-206 that made the deployment fail. These issues are now fixed.

          Something for our deployment verifier once we get started on that task (JBJCA-201).

          I will invite you to get involved in the embedded scenario. Currently the setup allows to do unit testing easy, but the whole area needs more work:

          * Distribution

          Can we do a split of JAR files - one for the application classloader; and the rest for a classloader in the application where the container is embedded

          * Documentation

          Provide complete documentation on how to setup the embedded environment including a full code example with build scripts.

          * Use-cases

          What are the real-world use-cases for the embedded distribution, can we do something to make it easier to integrate

          So feel free to speak up on these matters - or even contribute patches :)

          Hope to see you in the JCA Developer forum !