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    Discovery of JCA ConnectionFactory without resource-ref conf

    Silvano Maffeis Newbie


      I have a JBoss 5.1 server with some JCA connectory deployes as RAR files.
      Each connector has its -ds.xml file holding the <jndi-name> declaration of the connector.

      Now I can load my ConnectionFactories from a web application (Servlet in a WAR), if I put a <resource-ref> declaration into the web.xml file.

      Is there a way of making such a JNDI lookup possible from a Servlet, without adding a <resource-ref> declaration to the web.xml file? Meaning, I would like my Servlet to dynamically discover the existence if any deployed RAR connector, without having to declare it in web.xml.

      I tried listing the JNDI context but my ConnectionFactory only appears if I declare it in web.xml.

      Thanks for your advice!