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    Problem with Class not found - FAQ ?

    Paul Campbell Newbie

      I had jboss 2.4.4with tomcat-4.0.1 working fine.
      Any suggestions on solving this are appreciated.

      I added some jars to the classpath in the
      start_with_catalina.bat(Yes, Win NT 4.0)
      (fragment of .bat)
      set client=%JBOSS_HOME%/jboss/client
      set MQ=%client%/jbossmq-client.jar
      set JNP=%client%/jnp-client.jar
      set J2EE=%client/jboss-j2ee.jar
      set LOG=%client%/log4j.jar

      then I started getting classes not found.

      log4j.ConsoleAppender and
      in particular.

      Where do I look for possible solutions?