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    Koy Dooley Newbie

      I have installed all the above, they seem to work ok except the Apache and Tomcat hookup. Here are the steps I took and the result:

      1. After installing Tomcat+JBoss package and setting it up so that I can go to myhost:8080/test (test being the webapp from tomcat that I "jar cvf test.war *;mv test.war $JBOSS_HOME/deploy")
      2. installed mod_wepapp-1.0-eapi.so into Apache modules dir
      3. edited http.conf
      Defined: ServerName myhost
      LoadModule webapp_module modules/mod_webapp.so
      AddModule mod_webapp.c
      WebAppInfo /webapp-info

      4. restart JBoss, then Apache.
      5. Go to myhost/web-appinfo/ got a WebApp Library Configuration table
      6. Go to myhost/test get Web-application not yet deployed

      I tried to define a Context in server.xml but I didn't think that would be necessary, since it's being deployed from jboss/deploy/test.war, right?

      Now why am I getting Web_application not deployed? The WebApp Library Configuration table says:

      Application Name "test"
      Root URL Path "/test"
      Local Deployment Path No local deployment path
      Configuration Details "Application ID: -1"
      Connection "conn" (details)
      Deployed "test" FALSE