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    Question on running JBoss with Tomcat

    Frank F Newbie

      When I run JBoss with Tomcat, how come Tomcat isn't listening on port 8080?

      Using "run_with_catalina.bat", everything seems to come ok in that there are no errors or exceptions. However, if I go to "http://localhost:8080/" there is no server listening. The page "http://localhost:8080/jboss/index.html" works however...

      However, if I statup tomcat using "statup.bat" in the tomcat bin directory and then start up JBoss using "run.bat", then the server is listening on "http://localhost:8080/". The page "http://localhost:8080/jboss/index.html" no longer works now.

      Can someone explain this to me? It seems like the Tomcat instance that runs with JBoss doesn't use the same config...