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    can different service configurations be completely independe

    Benjamin Geer Newbie

      We'd like to run several different server applications simultaneously, within JBoss, on the same machine. It looks to us as if we might be able to
      run them as different services (MBeans) within a single JBoss instance. So we'd have:


      The key is that we need to be able to redeploy any service without affecting any of the other services. Our understanding is that if foo-service.xml is changed, JBoss will stop the foo service, reload its classes, and restart it. Is this correct?

      What about login-config.xml, which is in /usr/local/jboss/server/myconfig/conf? It looks as if we have to put JAAS credentials for *all* our services in that one file. What happens if we need to change only those credentials which are used by a particular service?

      For example, suppose foo-service.xml defines a DataSource called SomeXaDb, which depends on SomeXaDbRealm, which is defined in login-config.xml. At some point while the application is running, we need to shut down foo-service, change the login credentials in SomeXaDbRealm, and then restart foo-service, without affecting any other services. Is this possible? (Perhaps there's a way to split login-config.xml into several files, one for each service?)

      Benjamin Geer
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