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    connection to a terminal

    Jim Williams Newbie

      I asked this to the mailing list that was in use until the forums came back up so forgive me if you see this twice.

      I am not sure what to do to solve my problem I have.

      I have some thin client terminals that are going to connect to my server. We are not going to run a jvm on these terminals so I will not be using messaging. Http would create to much overhead on the clients. We came up with a simple protocol that we are going to pass over tcp. With just regular java classes I would write a class to listen on this port and deal with the data as it came in.
      It looks like in jboss I would need to write an mBean service to deal with my connection requirements. Am I looking at this correctly or is there already something set up in jboss that I can create a port listener with??

      What I am going to do till I figure this out is create a proxy class and pass the data off to my jboss classes after I get it but this does not seem like the right thing to do but should work.

      Any suggestions???