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    JBoss and Informix problem

    Ilane Marie Walberg Newbie

      Our database team is trying to get JBoss up and running with Informix. They have no JBoss or Java expertise. I have Java expertise, but only a little familiarity with JBoss.

      The problem in short is that the default behavior for Informix is to not wait for locks and always report an error. We want Informix to wait for locks. According to the Informix support team, the behavior of our Informix driver can only be changed to 'wait for locks' by issuing a proprietary SQL statement for each connection. This connection property is not a standard connection attribute defined by JDBC.

      So, basically, we'd like to create our own version of JBoss, with a proprietary SQL statement to be executed for each connection, on its creation, to let the database client select the mode they want (wait on lock). So, my first question is:

      Where could I best get architectural advice to do this properly (i.e. where to set this property)? We have the JBoss Administration and Development doc and the source to build JBoss 2.4.4, but I am having a hard time grasping the architecture of the code given just these resources.

      In the spirit of the community, since I am doing this work, I was wondering if this might be a problem which could use a general solution on connection creation. I was thinking that a property could be set somewhere to let the connection creator know to execute the specified SQL stataement to customize each connection after creation.
      So, my second question is:

      Do you think this would be a worthwhile enhancement to JBoss?

      Thanks for any advice you can give me,