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    Web access to JBoss.3.0Template.Project

    Kirk Ross Newbie

      I've deployed the template app on 3.0 and the batch file works fine, but I see that there is a jsp included and I'm not sure what to do to make that work? Did I miss something?

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          Anthony Newbie

          I don't think that the basic example supplied with JBoss ever worked.

          The first issue is that it does not build an war file nor a ear file (nor copy the .jsp). In the build script the war file requires a property servlet.lib.path to be set, but no mention of how or what. Nothing builds an .ear, and there is no example application.xml.

          I do not think that there is any useful documentation on these issues other than trawling through these forums. An example application.xml file was suggested as

          In your ear file you should have an application.xml which will define your web context, for example




          You should then be able to view your jsp in your war file from http://localhost:8080/app/index.jsp

          If anyone has already solved this and got template to work then please post it.

          My guess is that it takes about 3 months of solid work to get a basic JBoss development environment set up unless you are very familiar with the J2EE technologies up front.

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            Norman Rupp Newbie

            Well, that's something we shall have to remedy, isn't it? I've wanted to put together a solid document on how to construct a development environment in both windows & unix environments. It would include cvs client/server setup, unit testing, and an mvc infrastructure like struts, ant, and jboss.

            Do you think that there would be an interest in something like that? I'd do it if I thought enough people could use it.

            ~Norm Rupp

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              Anthony Newbie

              Hello Norm,

              That would be really excellent.

              I would suggest that the most important part of the documentation would be a set of working examples, each adding new components such as struts.

              Also, if you do this then Please make sure it goes on the main JBoss page, and not just in these archives where it will be lost.

              And finally, please don't be too ambitions to start with. Things like CVS could probably be left out as there is other documentation. (And there is a lot to be said for P4 even though it costs!).

              Simply fixing the template eg. so that it actually worked with tomcat or ... would be a great first step.



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                Anthony Newbie

                BTW. I had done the obvious namely to add


                To .ant.properites. This causes the war to be created. But I am unclear about the web context that is required. My understading is that that is normally specified in the application.xml file, but the example deploys without an .ear.


                PS. I think that the servlet-lib.path should actually be added to the main example, not be required in .ant.properties.

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                  Mike Ladwig Newbie

                  Getting the index.jsp to work and the necessary additions to the build files would be tremendously helpful to me. I just ran into this issue today - I'm floored that the project template doesn't completely work!


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                    Mike Ladwig Newbie

                    Let me add that a working build.xml to fully build the example (including the war with index.jsp) would be incredibly helpful. I'm floored that *the* project template doesn't work completely!


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                      Greg Turner Apprentice

                      There is already a complete set of working examples based on Richard Monson-Haefel's book, "Enterprise JavaBeans"


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                        Marcia Hostetler Newbie

                        I'm very new at this, but I have been working with the template project. I did get the index.jsp to work with the template. Here's what I remember that I did:
                        In the template directory there is a file: ant.properties.example. You need to make a copy of this file as ant.properties and customize it. To get a WAR file you need to uncomment and customize the last line.

                        The other problem I had was to figure out how to run the index.jsp. The name of the WAR file (web-converter) that gets deployed into your server/default/deploy directory is the Context Root. Once you have started JBoss and are in your browser, you can enter the following URL to run the JSP.

                        I hope this helps and I hope I didn't leave any crucial details out.

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                          Marcia Hostetler Newbie

                          Oops. On my last reply you get to the jsp by selecting the following URI: