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    java.exe using 99% of CPU

    hoi tsang Newbie


      i duno if this is a newbie question...
      i am building an jsp/ejb app with tomcat/jboss integrated package (jboss.2.4.4/tomcat.3.2.3), and it was running fine.

      the problem is when i do crazy clicking 1 per second on various JSP pages... the app as usual will bring me to the last clicked page... but then i think there are other thread sitting behind and seems like they are still running...

      the CPU usage has been sitting in 99% for almost 10 mins.. and still staying there...

      does anyone know what's wrong with this? and where i can fix this?

      there aren't any error.. but the site response is very very very slow...

      thanks in advance..

        • 1. Re 3.0 Template Example does not work on web (index.jsp)
          hoi tsang Newbie

          I don't think that the basic example supplied with JBoss ever worked.

          The first issue is that it does not build an war file nor a ear file (nor copy the .jsp). In the build script the war file requires a property servlet.lib.path to be set, but no mention of how or what. Nothing builds an .ear, and there is no example application.xml.

          I do not think that there is any useful documentation on these issues other than trawling through these forums. An example application.xml file was suggested as

          In your ear file you should have an application.xml which will define your web context, for example




          You should then be able to view your jsp in your war file from http://localhost:8080/app/index.jsp

          If anyone has already solved this and got template to work then please post it.

          My guess is that it takes about 3 months of solid work to get a basic JBoss development environment set up unless you are very familiar with the J2EE technologies up front.

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            Joel Vogt Master

            Hmm, generally I don't think there should be a problem. We always use the 'crazy clicking' test and generally jboss handles it no worries.
            One thing you might check is that all your resources are being closed and that access to your model parts is synchronized to help prevent any wierd behaviour such as this.