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    HELP!!!! not even a newbie!! just a wannabe

    Anant Newbie

      Most of you must have already faced these issues, and must have found solutions as well.
      I am really confused to begin with.

      Everyone is requested to answer whatever one can.

      I wish to know what is the LDAP support in JBoss. Is there an inbuilt implementation?

      How do I authenticate users and access control access to my beans and other resources, based on roles?

      How to manage the directory of users and roles? I want it to be managed/ used by various applications, not restricted to EJB applications residing in JBoss.

      If I use another Directory Server then
      a. what are the free ones available?
      b. how to configure it for JBoss?

      How do I suspend a user's rights, without deleting him from his group?

      Here is what need to know in order to make a start.
      I have listed whatever I already have in mind, please make corrections, and fill in the blanks, and add more stuff that has been missed out

      1. OS: for dev and deployment Windows/ Linux

      2. App Server JBoss

      3. Web Server Apache

      4. Container for JSP/ Servlet Tomcat/ JBoss' integrated Tomcat (modularity and performance wise?)

      5. Database MySQL (or any other)

      6. Directory Server -------

      7. Development tools(IDE/ forte??) -------
      Free version of JBuilder will not
      work most probably

      8. Test / Debug tools/ process -------

      9. integration of IDE with app server -------

      10. Deployment Tools -------

      11. performance measuring tools -------

      12. SSL -------

      13. clusturing -------