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    Another JDBC/DataSource Question

    Steve Buster Newbie

      Ok, I am trying to configure a MySQL datasource and after reading all threads I have the following questions, any help would be appreciated:
      1) Do I need to put the mysql-service.xml in the server/default/deploy directory or do I add the entries to an existing xml file?
      2) Do I need to delete the default Hypersonic xml file or can I use multiple?
      3) What about this login-config stuff, do I need to do something with that?

      GO JBOSS!!! (I hate Websphere)

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          rschiavi Newbie

          i'd like to know this as well? anyone?

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            John Shen Newbie

            the information is scattered around (would be nice if a mini how to is available).

            i struggled with that quite a bit after preusing tons of messages, but got it working.

            not sure though if what i got working is the correct way.

            1. yes, just put it in deploy and jboss will take care of the rest.
            2. i removed it, but i believe you can use multiple, you just have to reconfigure jaws settings in
            conf. you have to modify these anyway, but i did not bother to have both and changed
            the defaultDS to MySqlDS.
            3. that is necessary for security management. if you don't want that and just do
            a straight connect with user and password, i believe you can skip that step, which
            is already detailed in mysql-service.xml file.

            to be faire, jboss is already one giant step ahead by providing the service files. if
            things can be simplified a bit and plug'n'play, it would be very nice. in other words,
            for people running standard configs, they would only have to change db server name ,
            database name, user/password, everything would work magically. it is not much
            harder than that, but it does take a little searching to get there (took me
            couple of hours anyway).

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              Nathan Blair Newbie

              I've seen this information scattered throughout the forums, but beforehand I found this information to be helpful:

              Scroll down to the "Integrating JBoss with MySQL" section.

              Go JBoss!