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    Intro for basic configuration/maintenance?

    Steve D. Perkins Newbie

      Are there any HOWTO's or brief intros out there for the configuration and maintenance structure of JBoss 3.0? The 3.0 Quick Start Guide seems nice for programmers that never have to concern themselves with configuration, but totally abandons anything to do with that subject.

      I played around with the template project covered in Chapter 3 (which I had to Google-search for and download from some other site... neither the Guide nor the JBoss website give any indication of where this is located, they just assume that PC manufacturers are pre-installing it on their boxes now I guess). In the "ant.properties" file for the template project, there's a property for choosing the DataSource name you want to use. That got me thinking, "Hey, wait a minute... how DO you set up DataSources? Or message queues, or even port numbers, or web document roots, or anything?".

      The last time I was playing with JBoss on a steady basis (a couple of revisions ago), most of the action took place in "jboss.conf". This seems to have changed dramatically with 3.0. I've browsed through the XML files in the "conf" subdirectory of "server/default" (I'm assuming this is what gets invoked when you run JBoss out-of-the-box), and I've been able to piece together what most of it means... but it's still pretty fuzzy and non-intuitive. I can't precisely tell if all of these files serve a useful purpose or if some are "template" files for doing the same thing, and you need to rename the one you want to use to the proper name.

      I just have a few brief questions about the 3.0 documentation. Does anyone have a decent ballpark idea of when this is coming out? It's not that I'm "too cheap" to buy the documentation by any means, I just think it'd be silly to buy the docs for a previous version of the product if the docs you need will be coming out next week. Secondly, and this is probably a dumb question... the 3.0 documentation we're waiting for IS something entirely separate from the QuickStart manual in CVS, right? I'm not ashamed to say that I would not pay money for the content in that manual.

      Last but not least, are there any freely-accessible websites or PDF's out there TODAY that give a general overview of the JBoss file and directory structure? I don't mean full documentation... just an image of the directory tree with a sentence or two explaining what each directory and config file's purpose is. Even something as rudimentary as that would give me something to do until the full JBoss docs become available. I'm amazed that the JBoss folks don't include something like that in a simple README already... I'd wager that it would INCREASE interest and revenue rather than hurt documentation sales.