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    Gaute Tjelflaat Newbie

      Just happened to find a link to jboss.org
      All new to me.

      Curious of the difference between Apache and Jboss. My first impression is that Java is what Jboss "contains".

      You can run any kind of code on Apache!? But can Jboss do that too.

      Can Jboss run on top of a Apache web server?

      It seems to me that Jboss contains a web server itself, is this right?

      What about speed differences. Which one is the fastest, Apache or Jboss?

      These questions just came to my mind when skimming Jboss.org.

      The reason I mention Apache is because I know it is the most widely used webserver to my knowledge!?

      Which system is easier to learn/use Apache or Jboss?

      Best regards

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          marc fleury Master

          JBoss runs Java programs.
          It also contains a native webserver.

          JBoss is the right choice for many of your problems for example clustered static webpages and dynamic content. The big point is the ease of installation and administration. It is well worth your time to learn it.