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    Creation of queues

    Vinodh Newbie

      I am using JBoss 2.4.6 bundled with Tomcat 4.0.3 solely for JMS. I need to create a lot of queues. The problem is that whenever I create a queue in the jboss.jcml file and associate with a JNDI name, it is always bounded under the prefix queue.
      For Ex : if the MBean code is

      then whn I lookup this queue in JNDI i need to use the code as below

      Object ref = initialContext.lookup("queue/Server_Log");

      Can you please tell me how not to bind under the queue context.

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          Joel Vogt Master

          hmm, not too sure that would be too good an idea. For what reason do you need the queue to be taken out of the jndi lookup?

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            Vinodh Newbie

            I need to move some existing applications into JBoss. It is necessary that there is no chnage required in the JNDI names. Is it possible?

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              Noel Hebert Newbie


              This is where ejb/resource references really come in
              handy! If you code your EJBs or Servlets to use the
              ENC (Environment Naming Context) by way of java:comp/env
              you can write more portable components that do not care
              where the physical dependencies are.

              At first I really hated moving my JBoss programs to/from
              IBM WebSphere (I use JBoss to prototype quickly). I
              used to "hard-code" my JNDI references in EJBs and
              Servlets to a phyical namespace.After much frustration,
              I finally clicked on to using "logical" ejb/resource
              references reading (and re-reading) the J2EE spec hoping
              there must be some better way then explicit references.

              Instead of making JBoss Queues look like WebSphere Queues
              (or visa-versa), I just have my EJBs or Servlets lookup
              say "java:comp/env/FooQueue" and specify that ENC
              (logical or alias) reference in their J2EE standard
              Deployment Descriptor!

              Then, when I deploy my app to either JBoss or WebSphere
              I map that reference to "queue/BarQueue" or whatever I
              want that reflects the physical resources in the
              deployment environment.

              In JBoss, this means adding things like a jboss.xml or
              jboss-web.xml to an assembled EAR file to associate the
              logical references to physical resources.

              Neat stuff really.

              As much as I hate to say it, read up on ejb/resources
              references in the J2EE 1.2/1.3 spec. It will change
              the way you write, assemble and deploy J2EE applications
              without pulling your hair out, especially if those
              applcations or components move between J2EE application



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                Vinodh Newbie

                Thanks a lot for the help. But there are no eJB's that are being used. It is purely JMS. However the logic can be applied to use a property file or Preference API. Thanks again