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    Problem with Jboss examples.

    Parul Agarwal Newbie


      I have installed JBoss-2.4.7_Tomcat-4.0.4 on my redhat 7.2 machine. I have also downloaded the examples of jboss. I was trying the example and when I fired the command:
      ant intro-interest-jar

      I got the following error:

      /usr/local/src/examples/build/build.xml:64: jboss.dist=${env.JBOSS_DIST} is not a valid JBOSS_DIST directory.
      If using a bundled JBoss version set JBOSS_DIST to the jboss/ subdir.

      I have set JBOSS_DIST to the same value as JBOSS_HOME which is : /usr/local/src/JBoss-2.4.7_Tomcat-4.0.4/jboss

      Can anyone pls help me out?