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    ejb2.0 abstract persistence methods

    Burkhard Eggers Newbie

      Hi friends,
      I am trying out JBoss3.00.
      EJB1.x persistence is all runing well, but when I am trying to use a cmp2.0 entity bean (abstract persistence methods)
      I get the warning, that the entity-bean class must not be abstract. BUT THAT'S WHAT CMP2.0 REQUIRES! Later, my testclient can't create a bean.
      So it all behaves exactly like cmp1.x.
      May be it's because I don't know, how to relate the
      <abstract-schema> content of the ejb-jar to any jboss-specific stuff. I couldn't found any hint in the jaws and jboss dtds.

      Please,please help!