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    it's everything so new....

    Ullrich Schäfer Newbie

      first of all: im using the new debian relaese of jboss on the actuell unstable/sid relaese.
      that's jboss 2.4.7

      and now some questions...
      starting jboss: i always get an error related to log4j
      java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/apache/log4j/Priority
      where do i modify the jboss classpath to include log4j (it's in /usr/java/log4j.jar and symlinked to /usr/share/jboss/lib/ext/log4j.jar)
      btw: i'm running liblog4j_1.1b7-1

      2nd: where do i put my jsp's? i don't have a server/default/ dir... and putting dem in /usr/share/jboss/deploy didn't work....

      so enough for the first...
      probably someone who'S running jboss on debian (from the debs) could give me some hints.