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    Decouple coded name from JNDI-Name (JBoss3.0 / Postgres)

    Stefan Kuehn Newbie


      I have set up a data source with a postgres-service.xml file.
      When i use the JNDI-name in the postgres-service.xml file, in the
      Session Bean code (coded name) for the lookup() method, the data source
      is fund (i.e. i don' get an naming exception).

      However i would like to to decouple the "coded name" (used in the session bean
      from the JNDI-name.

      I have succeded doing this for the session bean i use.
      The name of the session bean is "LogInEJB". That name listed in the deployment
      descriptor for the bean (in ejb-jar.xml).

      In the file jboss.xml the session bean is given the JNDI-name "ejb/Login".

      In a JSP-file (packed in a WAR-file) i use the coded name ejb/UserLogin.
      This coded name is "mapped" tho the JNDI-name "ejb/Login" in the file jboss-web.xml.

      I.e. the file jboss-web.xml is the glue between the coded name in the JSP-file
      (wich i never want to change) an the actual JNDI-name of the session bean.

      This works fine!

      How do i achieve this wit a datasource?

      I have tried this:

      1. I set up a datasource in a postgres-service.xml file giving it the JNDI-name "jdbc/UKontakt"
      2. In the session bean code however i use the "coded name" java:comp/env/jdbc/UKontaktDB
      3. I tried to use the file jboss.xml as the glue between the coded name and the JNDI-name like this:
      <resource-manager res-class="javax.sql.DataSource">

      The reason for trying it this way, ist that "SUN", using the deploytool of the ref imp., puts
      the "glue" in the sun-j2ee-ri.xml file in the EAR archive (not down in the "Bean archive" jar),
      that is one level up in the archv hiearchy.

      Unfortenatly this doesn't work.

      I would appreciate any help on this on.

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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          Do something like this in your ejb-jar.xml.


          DataSource for Contacts


          And then in the jboss.xml

          <?xml version="1.0"?>
          <!DOCTYPE jboss PUBLIC
          "-//JBoss//DTD JBOSS 3.0//EN"




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            Stefan Kuehn Newbie

            Hej Micke!

            (ok i'l continue in english ;-)

            Thanks a lot for your help!
            Your solution works fine.

            After posting my question i tried some other solutions.

            This one works too:
            No changes wer made in the jboss.xml. This file only gives my session bean an JNDI name as:


            In the file ejb-jar.xml you only have to state the JNDI name for the used coded name as ...:

            <jndi-name>jdbc/UKontakt</jndi-name> <!-- ... as in this line -->

            Here is a fragment of the postgres-service.xml just in order to make this explanation complete

            <!--embedded mbean-->

            <!-- ========== Set the JndiName ======================= -->
            jdbc/UKontakt <!-- The JNDI name used in the ejb-jar.xml! -->

            Best regards
            Stefan Kühn