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    jboss.xml and JNDI lookups

    Christof Schoeman Newbie


      I am having trouble looking up beans when I change the JNDI names in jboss.xml.

      I have an entity bean called "TestEntity"
      and a session bean called "TestSession".

      When I don't use jboss.xml to give them different JNDI names, the lookup work fine. From my client application, I use jndi.properties to point to the server and simply lookup "TestSession" and from the session bean I simply lookup "java:comp/env/TestEntity".

      However, when I give them different names in jboss.xml, using...



      ...the lookup from the client works fine when looking for "MySession", but from the session bean, looking for either "MyEntity" or "java:comp/env/MyEntity" fails with a NameNotFoundException: MyEntity not bound.

      What should the lookup string in the session bean be?

      Hope you can help.