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    Just a simple Hello World

    Pamela Smith Newbie


      I downloaded the latest jboss and tomcat bundle a few days ago. The installation went well.

      Problem: i can't find a simple 'hello world' example that works.

      So, i followed the Monica Pawlan tutorial download from sun. The first example was a simple Session Bean. The example made use of the server and deploy tool that comes with the j2sdkee1.3 download. I followed the instructions compiled all the files, created the jar, the war, the ear, etc. and deployed using the tool. That went well, with the example REALLY working! - but that was not JBoss.

      Question: 1)How can I run that simple example on JBoss? Where do i load what? e.g the jar the war, the servlet etc.
      2)Is there documentaton on how to DEPLOY a SIMPLE hello world enterprise bean (ie. without all the bombs and whistles) on JBoss?

      ps. i downloaded the quickstart from JBoss but when i went to the topic that was supposedly going to teach me how to deploy all i read were 2 dissappointing words -- and i quote "bla bla".