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    JBoss Crash!!

    Alejandro Otero Friere Newbie

      I have a serious problem in production running JBoss 2.2 and JBoss 3.0
      I'm running the jboss over HP-UX 11 and I use Apache-Tomcat as a WebServer. I use JDK 1.3.1.
      I control the jboss with the command netstat and i filter only the port 1099 and 4444. When the problen happen I lost all conection to 1099, I said that the LISTEN conection died. I saw before the crash the number of conection "established" grow up in the port 1099 and 4444, when the port 4444 go over 20 (I suposse may more or maybe less) the server crash.
      The only way to solve the problem is making a shutdown and then a start of the JBoss.
      I don't what can I do, I tried ti change the memory size and remove some service that I don't needed but that not result.
      I need help quickly!!!


      PD: Sorry for my english