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    URLDirectoryScanner problem on JBoss_Tomcat3.0

    Filippo Di Natale Newbie


      "Devas73" wrote:
      I modified the jboss-service.xml as follows:

      <mbean code="org.jboss.deployment.scanner.URLDirectoryScanner"

      (I commented out the URLDeploymentScanner as suggested)

      I have then specified the directories I wish to deploy:

      <attribute name="URLs">
      <dir name="./deploy" />
      <dir name="./deploy/RPM" />
      <dir name="./deploy/examples" />

      where RPM is an existing jsp app working on tomcat stand alone, and examples is copied from catalina/webapps.
      On stdout it says "deployment successful" for just every subdirectory inside the directories, while for html/jsp files it tries to uncompress them and throws exceptions, after which it says "deploying non-jar/xml file" for them.
      Globally it seems the deployment is successful, but I'm not able to access in any way the apps.
      It generates the infamous "no configured contexts" error.
      I searched the forum but no solution for jboss_tomcat3.0 is suggested.
      Please help, I would like to develop on jboss without having to pack sources in a war everytime!