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    Need advice/help with: user authentication and application d

    Volkmar Newbie

      Hi everyone,

      I am the 'deployment' part of a development team; we are currently working on a three-tier j2ee application, which uses an Oracle 9i database backend, a JBoss middle tier, and a Swing GUI client/frontend. We have been following the tutorials with SUN's reference implementation (using deploytool/runclient, etc.) We found out that this is really only a 'reference implementation' and not fit for production. Therefore, we decided to go with JBoss (open source rocks !!). However, there a few questions I need your help with. They are:

      1. Does JBoss handle user authentication in the same fashion as SUN's j2ee server? (To illustrate this: when we start up our client with 'runclient', a dialog window appears which asks for a username/password. Once you have given a correct combination, you are then permitted into the app itself. I'm basically wondering whether this is implemented in JBoss.)
      2. From what I understand, there is no equivalent to 'runclient' in JBoss. Given the fact that our client/frontend is done in AWT/Swing and not web-based, how would we achieve an interaction with the application deployed on JBoss ?
      3. How is deployment of an ear file achieved in JBoss ? I have been reading through some documentation, but it seems to focus on assembling the ear file. I have (given to me by the other developers) a ear file ready for deployment. Is there a 1-2-3 answer ("click here, enter this value there, etc.) to this ? If not, any good links to documentation ?

      That's it for now =:-o

      Thanks for your help.



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          Joel Vogt Master

          1) Have a look at JAAS, it should handle all your security needs
          2) Well, you need to write your client and include the jars from jboss/client. Then just do a jndi lookup to your entry point for your middle tier. Once you have a reference to this (a session bean for instance) away you go.
          3) If you have an ear file build for you, just put it in /jboss/deploy and jboss will deploy it for you (assuming development team built it right ;) )