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    xdoclet and ejb-local-ref

    Zarni Worgl Newbie

      Hello jboss-people!

      What am I doing wrong:

      I'm using xdoclet to generate my deployment descriptors.
      I've got one entity bean and one session bean... I want my session bean to be a facade
      to my local entity bean (which should have only a local interface). so this in my code:

      For the entity bean:
      * @ejb:bean name="oria/ekatalog/Party"
      * display-name="Core Party EJB"
      * type="CMP"
      * cmp-version="2.x"
      * jndi-local-name="ejb/oria/ekatalog/Party"
      * view-type="local"

      For the session bean:
      * @ejb:bean name="oria/ekatalog/EkS"
      * display-name="Ekatalog Primary Session Bean"
      * type="Stateless"
      * transaction-type="Container"
      * jndi-name="ejb/oria/ekatalog/EkS"
      * view-type="remote"
      * @ejb:ejb-local-ref ejb-name="oria/ekatalog/Party"
      * ref-name="oria/ekatalog/PartyRef"

      BUT!!! xdoclet doesn't generate any ejb-refs at all!!!
      Only if i put this into the code:
      * @ejb:ejb-ref ejb-name="oria/ekatalog/Party"
      * ref-name="oria/ekatalog/PartyRef"
      then it generates:
      <ejb-ref >

      for then session bean in ejb-jar.xml.
      But this is a reference to a remote interface... which i don't want to use...Only teh session bean should be able
      to access this bean...

      So help me friends, please...