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    Howto get the Jboss3.0Template example working

    Pete Newbie

      For those of you who have downloaded the Jboss.3.0TemplateAndExamples.zip file and are having errors building the Template example project, here's what I did to get it working:

      1. Problem 1: During the build process the HSQL database refuses to create a table illegally named "TEST/TESTENTITY" (I don't blame it!).

      2. Solution 1: edit the file src/main/ejb/test/entity/TestEntityBean.java and change the xdoclet tag "@ejb:bean name" from "test/TestEntity" to just "TestEntity". Similarly, edit the file src/main/ejb/test/session/TestSessionBean.java and change the xdoclet tag "@ejb:ref ejb-name" from "test/TestEntity" to "TestEntity".

      3. Problem 2: The build (compilation) process complains that the generated source file (i.e. one that xdoclet generates) "TestBMPEntityBMP.java" should be declared abstract because it doesn't implement method "makeClean()".

      4. Solution 2: Edit the source file "src/main/ejb/test/entity/TestBMPEntityBean.java" and comment out method "makeClean()" and any reference to it elsewhere in the source (I found only one).

      5. Build process then worked for me and running the test client (/build/bin/run-client.sh) produced the generated key value.

      Thats it. Also, I think jboss should have stuck a servlet in there to complete the picture.

      I would be interested to know from the developers where this "makeClean()" method comes from, or why it was in the example. A look at my xdoclet documentation (xdoclet/docs/ejbdoclet.html) gives a description of "makeDirty()", but not makeClean() - so is it a jboss invention?