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    Using DB browsing tools (like Squirrel)

    Odysseus Levy Newbie

      I'm having a great time exploring JBoss 3.0 -- it seems to work really well. Now I want to explore the database side a little deeper. I would like to use third party Database client tools (like Squirrel) to see what my test database actually look like. I'm using the default Hypersonic DB.

      I looked at the getting started documentation, and even bought the CMP 2.0 documentation, but I could not find anything that talked about how to hook up a third party client. So here are my questions:

      (1) What database URL do I use in order to access my database using Hypersonic DB?

      (2) Where are the username and password for the database specified? Is there a default that I can use?

      (3) Where is the driver for the Hypersonic DB?


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          Mikael Eriksson Novice

          I'm not sure how a thirdparty tool would do it, but there is a simple tool included with hypersonic.

          Below is the content of my file 'run_hsql.bat' that I have created in my jboss/bin directory
          java -classpath ..\server\all\lib\hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.util.DatabaseManager

          Running that file brings up the tool.

          To connect when jboss is running you can select
          Type: HSQL Database Engine Server with
          URL: jdbc:hsqldb:hsql://localhost:1476

          (User, sa, empty password).

          To connect when jboss is not running you can give a path to the database and use
          Type: HSQL Database Engine Standalone

          URL: jdbc:hsqldb:..\server\default\db\hypersonic\default

          Btw, the name of the driver is org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver so a thirdparty that understands JDBC might be able to connect with the same driver and URL's