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    Problem with included ModalPanels and IE(7)

    Michi Hamlan Newbie

      I'm currently testing my jsf app on several browser, and found a "bug" while testint with IE 7.
      The bug occurs, when I dynamically include a page (with a modalPanel in it) with jsp:include. As an example, I have an rich:tree, and everytime the user clicks a node, a area with an jsp:include is rerendered. The included page depends on the selection of the user.
      I always get an JavaScript Error with IE (7) on Line 44/45 (testet with rf 3.1.0rc4 and rc5). The Javascript error is shown when the page is loaded, not when I display the modalpanel.

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          Michi Hamlan Newbie

          Oh, and I used MSE to find the line where the Error happens:
          oldnode.outerHTML=new XMLSerializer().serializeToString(newnode);}else{var importednode;Sarissa.clearChildNodes(oldnode);importednode=window.document.importNode(newnode,true);LOG.debug("Replace content of node by replaceChild()");anchor.replaceChild(importednode,oldnode);}

          It's in the file: a4j_3_1_0-SNAPSHOorg.ajax4jsf.javascript.AjaxScript

          Hmm... so it seems to be a problem with ajax4jsf? But when I remove the ModalPanels everything works fine. But as I said above: the error only occurs in IE (7) when I dynamically include a modal panel...
          I fixed it by moving every modalpanel to the main-page, so I don't have to include them.