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    How to use CORBA C++ Server from ejb component

    Frank Seidinger Newbie

      Hi there,

      I want to expose c++ components via corba with mico or OmniORB and use them from inside JBoss EJB's.

      Questions arising:

      How do I setup both corba sides?
      How does one side know Proxies/Stubs from the other side?
      Where to place the naming service?
      Are there any examples for mixed environments?

      Thanks in advance,


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          Sachindra Nath Newbie

          Hi Frank,
          You can have your EJBs as clients to your corba service. Normally, you would like to get your idl file, generate stubs/skeletons using the idl compiler to java. I'm not sure if omniorb provides you with such a compiler, but there should be one(Visibroker provides an idl2java compiler for me). Place the generated stubs from the idl (which will be class files) alongwith the jar file which you deploy for your ejbs.
          Start your naming server for omni orb, start your corba servers and then start the jboss with your EJB (Corba client) deployed in it...There shouldn't be an issue...