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    Updating EJBs, and connections

    Andrew Carpenter Newbie

      I've done some quick tests where a client makes regular calls to an EJB, during which I update the bean with a new version (eg. change the return string from a getVersion() method). I did this with stateless and stateful beans, and noted the following:

      * Stateless: the client can continue to use the original reference, which automatically points to a new instance; unless it tries to make a call in the middle of the update, in which case one of several exceptions might be thrown.

      * Stateful: the same as with stateless, if caught in the middle of an update; otherwise, an ObjectNotFoundException is thrown.

      Is this an accurate view of what's happening? Are there any configuration options to set different behaviour (such as, current clients holding a reference to the original EJB, while new clients get the new version)?

      Any help, or pointers to further reading, is appreciated.